Material Identification
Waste sampling, analysis, waste packaging and disposal for “known” or “unknown” materials.

Pollution Control handles the soil or water removal of contaminated areas due to uncontrolled spills or accidental leaks.

Tank Cleaning Services
Pollution Control offers removal and cleaning of sludges/solids and other contaminates from tanks or in-ground sumps.

Universal Waste
The EPA’s universal waste regulations streamlined hazardous waste management standards for federally designated “universal wastes”, which include:

Mercury-Containing Equipment

As with other wastes, the government regulates the collection, management and recycling of these widely generated wastes. To keep our clients in compliance with government regulations, Pollution Control Inc. provides an economical and environmentally sound disposal solution for your universal wastes. If you are not sure what type of waste you have, call us today or schedule a free consultation, so we can help you identify your waste disposal needs.

Gas Cylinder Cleanup
Let Pollution Control’s Gas Cylinder Disposal and Identification Program take care of your gas cylinder waste. Pollution Control Inc. offers an identification process for unknown gases that allows us to handle gas cylinders that other companies may not accept. Positive identification for compressed gases is necessary to prevent safety, health or liability problems that can be caused by unlabelled or misidentified gas cylinders.

Chemical Lab
Pollution Control Chemical Lab Pack services include identifying, packaging, transporting, and disposing of small quantities of out-dated chemicals. These chemicals are normally found in laboratory settings such as schools, medical facilities and manufacturing laboratories. We can assist with classifying waste products on-site, saving you the time and expense.

Identifying these chemicals can be difficult, so take advantage of our Free Consultation service in order to properly identify your chemical waste.

Free Consultation

We offer current and potential clients free consultation services allowing us to diagnose what type of waste management services are needed and to discuss the pricing of those services.

Free Consultation

Guaranteed Pricing

Unlike many waste management companies who have hidden surcharges, Pollution Control Inc. offer guaranteed pricing for all of our clients with options are designed to save you money.